Lisa-and-LizWho We Are…

Peaches & Greens is a niche produce store located in inner-city Detroit. The business primarily serves the residents of Central Woodward, including the Boston-Edison, New Center, and Midtown neighborhoods. Peaches & Greens serves customers through a standalone produce store, located on the intersection of Third St. and Hazelwood, and a distinctive Produce Mobile Truck. The truck is available for personal deliveries, event catering, selling produce along a designated neighborhood route (think of an ice cream truck that sells fresh produce to children and families), and being a self-established farm stand for commercial clients.

When We Started…

Peaches and Greens opened in the fall of 2008, providing community residents the opportunity to have a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance. We are excited about the possibilities the market and the truck will bring to the central Detroit area.

Our Mission & Vision

Peaches and Greens follows Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation’s (CDC) Mission and Vision.

The Central Detroit Christian Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a non-profit, faith-based organization committed to empowering people and creating positive opportunities for the central Detroit community. Our mission is that through education, employment and economic development, Central Detroit Christian CDC strives to instill hope, faith and values while inspiring individuals within the community to reach their highest potential as confident, productive and caring community leaders and citizens.

Our vision is to be an agent of change creating a community of choice. We desire to meet the real needs of our community in such a way that we see the community restored and made whole and as a result people will take pride in their community and desire to stay there.