You can find Peaches and Green’s farm stands at special events, apartment complexes, and business centers. Think of this service as a personalized farmer’s market brought to your organization’s front door. Click here to request a farm stand at your location.

Farm Stands can be a one time occurrence or a weekly source of groceries for a business and its employees, clients, and the surrounding community. As seen in the above picture, our Farm Stands are serving Henry Ford Health System’s employees, medical patients, and local apartment community every Tuesday during the lunch hour.

Things to keep in mind when requesting a farm stand:

  1. Plan for a half hour of setup, 2 – 3 hours of selling produce, and a half hour for tear down.
  2. The produce selection is the same as the store, and can include specifically requested items.
  3. We highly encourage reoccurring customers to pre-order their groceries to ensure we do not sell out before they have a chance to shop.